As Frank and I drive down the back country roads getting to know each other we noticed in the rear view mirror a bit of flashing lights. "Oh shit, thats the cops!" I look in the rearview mirror and sure enough, the local Florida state patrol are signalling for us to pull over on the side of the road. This road was barren; just empty back country road - ranch on the right, cows on the left. Our wonderful rental van became the focal point of what eventually became a DEA drug inspection. "You're from Canada eh? What are you doing here in Okeechobee? Get out of the car!" the mustached and rugged officer yelled at me. I was happy to oblige; I had only been in Florida for 2 hours at this point and I was not ready to get sent away. 
I nervously glanced at Frank and he the same. While Frank was questioned about the vehicle and his intentions in Florida, my DEA agent ran my passport with what I assume is BigBrother. I was patted down, searched, and my pockets turned out. A crisp and wonderfully colourful $100 dollar Canadian bill fell out of my pocket. "Hrmmm, what is this? This some kind of monopoly money 'er something?". The site of the odd Canadian money sent the agent into full search mode, taking apart my entire luggage kit desperately searching for what I assume was drug monies. Being that I was traveling light to provide support at the music festival, I really only had a few outfits and toiletries.
The officers came up with nothing; Frank wasn't harboring any illicit materials and I was just a goofy Canuck in Florida heading to work. After about 40 minutes of searching, interrogations and inspections of monopoly money, we were let go and sent on our way. One look at Frank and we both started laughing at the situation.... "welcome to Florida! No...welcome to Okeechobee!"
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